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As Told by Joanne..

I heard the news for the first time on the 20 April 2000… a 13 year old; std. 6 student of Kloof High School had been admitted to ICU after a tragic car accident. And our prayers and thoughts were with Mandy and her family from then on.

Joanne took it upon herself to represent Kloof High School and phoned every single day for a report on Mandy and to give us support and let the school know of Mandy's progress.

When Mandy was moved to the Neuro ward after awakening from her coma I was able to visit her and show my support. I remember walking into her room and there she lay with the most beautiful, special smile one could ever imagine. After all that Mandy had been through, her heart warming smile bought tears to my eyes.

Every day she fought for her life and better health. With her will to survive and her loving family she has been able to reach her dreams and show us all, that life is worth living. Since the 5 February 2001, I've been working with Mandy and have had the privilege of learning more about her and her injury.

Mandy has taught me a lot over the year. She's taught me to have dreams and goals; she's helped me to believe in myself, the decisions I make and to have more self-confidence and ATTITUDE! Never does a day go by without a joke or a comment, sure to bring laughter and happiness to the people around her.

There is no doubt in my mind that Mandy will go far in life. She has goals and dreams, which she will reach as she let's nothing stand in her way. At school she works to the best of her ability and is always ready to learn new, exciting and interesting information.

Mandy doesn't see herself as different, to anybody else or make excuses for her actions. She is proud of who she is and what she has accomplished over the years. And from my side of things-she has every reason to be proud. She is an angel, one that has bought a light into so many peoples lives. By Joanne Mills