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People to thank

A list of people we would like to thank that have helped us though this very difficult time… for without your help, support and dedication we would not have come through this.

Gill Fisher - My sister who alerted all the medical teams and who arrived on the accident scene and directed operations. And most especially for staying with Mandy every night during that critical first week… we simply could not have coped at that time without knowing you were with Mandy every second that we couldn't be!

Debbie - The Paramedic sister on the scene who tended to Mandy and calmed Anthea down.

Clair Roberts - Anthea's sister who dropped everything and came to Durban to run the house and look after our other precious child Kelsey!

Kelsey Fisher - Our youngest child for the strength she showed and all her help throughout the last 18 months! You are a special child and will always be "Daddy's Baby"!

Dr Retief van der Merwe - Mandy's Neuro Surgeon

Rosanne Hardy - Mandy's Neuro psychologist.

Preshia - Mandy's physiotherapist

Nomsa - Mandy's favorite nurse who nursed Mandy in the Neuro ward and at home in the early days and again during Mandy's stay at Entebene for the craniotomy.

Barbara Mercer - Mandy's physiotherapist

Kerry Gillitt - Mandy's first care giver. You made a big difference Kerry to Mandy and Anthea & I!

Joanne - Mandy's care-giver for the last year… Jo you have not only done wonders for Mandy but have given Anthea & I a real sense of comfort knowing you are with Mandy.

The ICU staff at St Augustine's and in particular Hailey and Godfrey for all your care, love and advice you gave Mandy and us during her stay in ICU. I'm not sure we would have made it without you.

Dr Alan Eathorne & Dr Kevin McEwen for the many visits to Mandy's ward just to talk to us and be there for us.

Dr Paddy Allwright - Mandy's ENT surgeon and family friend for all your support and for making sure we were in the very best hands of Dr Retief van der Merwe.

To all our friends who did everything they could for us and for just being there during the ordeal!

To all the thousands of people that prayed for Mandy around the world and who lit candles in churches around the globe including Notre Dame and Winchester Cathedral.

To all the caring nurses and Sisters that we have not mentioned by name - they know who they are. And the Dr Arseholes (a nickname Anthea stole from a book called "Where is the Mango Princess") who with their skepticism, fed our determination never to give up hope.

Dr Pienaar (Anthea's orthopedic surgeon) who related his story of the "vegetable lady" in the wheelchair that fought her way up until she walked into his office with a University Degree, while Anthea sobbed uncontrollably having her staples out,

Kerry Kendell who has given us such inspiration by showing us that there is life after a head injury.

Books to read:

Where is the Mango Princess?
I'll carry the fork!
Over My Head